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The World of Rugby – History, News, Major Leagues and Events

Today, rugby is one of the best sports for both players and fans. But how much do you know about rugby? When you combine the amazing field events with some core details such as its history, the game will be more enjoyable. This is why this page was created. We are dedicated to bringing you the best that there is in the world of rugby. From events in the major rugby league to the latest news, be sure of catching them here.

Brief History of Rugby

Rugby is believed to have started around 1823 in one of the Rugby Schools in Warwickshire, England. The concept arose during a football game when William Webb decided to pick and run away with the ball. While little evidence exists to support this assertion, the Rugby World Cup Trophy gives it credence because it is named Webb.

In 1863, a number of boarding schools agreed on a set of rules for playing rugby, and eight years later, in 1871, the Rugby Football Union was borne. Other major rugby league and events are derivatives of the Rugby Football Union. In the same year, 1871, the first-ever international match was played between Scotland and England. Scotland won 1-0. However, it was not until 1900 that rugby union would get introduced to the Summer Olympics.

Latest News and Headlines

To know the latest in the world of rugby, it is important to follow the latest news on key competitions such as the major rugby league. Here are some of the latest headlines:

  • Rugby Australia has locked in Reece Hodge with a long-term contract extension that runs to 2023.
  • Ahead of their last campaign in the Super Rugby, Sunwolves have enhanced their team with offshore talents. They have landed two Springboks, JJ Engelbrech, and Rudy Paige.
  • Sony Bill Williams, the famed New Zealand Center and twice World Cup winner, is joining the Toronto Wolfpack rugby league.
  • It is the end of an era as New Zealand coach, Andy Farrell, omits Rob Kearny in his first squad of his tenure.

Major World Rugby Leagues and Events

The major rugby leagues and events are very ecstatic because they attract the best talents. Here are some of the great events that you should never miss.

  • Rugby World Cup: This is a menโ€™s rugby tournament that is held every four years. Only national teams participate in the Rugby World Cup. The winners in the Rugby World Cup get awarded with Webb Ellis Cup.
  • Rugby Sevens at the Commonwealth Games: In every Commonwealth Games, Rugby has become one of the top competitions. Rugby debuted in the Commonwealth games schedules starting from 1998.
  • World Cup Sevens: This is another top rugby event that is organized by the International Rugby Board (IRB). The event is held every four years and only the national sevens teams participate.
  • Olympics Rugby Union: Rugby Union made a comeback in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio after a long absence since 1924. In the 2020 Summer Olympics, it is one of the most awaited competitions.

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The Best UK Teams

The UK has stood out as one of the global icons in rugby. Taking a closer look, you will realize that there are many individual clubs in the country. These aggressive teams develop talents that help the national team compete in top competitions such as the rugby league major events. Here are some of these teams.

  • Bath Rugby: This is one of the rugby clubs that has been performing impressively well in the UK. It is based in Somerset and is ranked 6th in the English Premiership
  • Blackheath Football Club: This is another rugby union club in the UK. It was started in 1858 and plays in the National League 1.
  • Sales Sharks: This is one of the most revered rugby clubs in the UK. The club plays in the English Premiership and is ranked 7th. The club players and leadership skills can be likened to those of members of the UBC rugby roster.
  • Ravens Rugby: Ravens Rugby, also known as New Castle Ravens Rugby Football Club, was started in 2006 in New Castle. In 2007, Ravens Rugby became the first IGR club in the UK to create a ladies’ team.
  • Leicester Tigers: This is a leading English professional rugby union club based in Leicester. It was founded in 1880 and plays in England’s top division of rugby. The club is ranked 17th. Like Ravens Rugby, Leicester Tigers players rating can be compared to those in the UBC rugby roster.

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